A real Mountain  Winter, at last....
Now, next year, just for variety, maybe a little less?

Welcome to Gunnison.... Early February. Just before it got worse.
When it snows here, it just comes straight down, no wind....
That's a 2x4 porch railing it's sitting on, in hte left picture.

The porch railing a few days later, with Barbara's gnome poking its head out....
Snow is very elastic, and all those little snowflake points hang together well.
More elastic snow. That's a gutter over the door, useless in winter, with about eight
inches of snow that has just sort of leaned over, and is waiting for someone to
slam the door and jar it loose on their head....

We're not the only ones having trouble figuring out where to put it all.
This is one of the peaks in the "St. Peter's Range," a new set of mountains in a vacant lot
a block down the street where the city is "storing" snow (so named because it is across the street
from St. Peter's Parish Hall).  That's Maryo at its base.

A better shot of St. Peter's Range, and the D-9 bulldozer that's creating it.
People are starting pools on when it will all actually finally disappear.
I'm betting on sometime in August.

Topping out the main peak in St. Peter's Range (for the moment anyway).

The back porch is somewhere down there. In the middle of the porch is
"Maryo's Monument," from the day she shoveled off the apartment roof.
Onto the porch, which meant it had to be shoveled again from there.
We eventually got it all moved.

Anyone who has ever lived in a snow-country house with quaint roof-valleys
can understand the source of a lot of outdoor cussing this winter at our house.
Not to mention having to shovel out the back of the Brat to even use the rearview mirror.

Gunnison - A great place to visit in the summer!