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The Arts in the Small Community 2006. An update, with Mike Warlum, of "The Windmill Book," originally written by Maryo's father in 1969. Published in 2006 by Americans for the Arts, available through their online bookstore.


"Arts-Based Community Development: Where did we come from?" A chapter in Building  Communities, Not  Audiences: The  Future of the Arts in the United States, by Doug Borwick (ArtsEngaged, 2012, available at

Beginning in 2009,  Maryo is honored to be part of Bill Cleveland's "Round Robin Blog," posting a new short essay every six weeks. The Blog is located at:

"Best Practices in Arts Development: Learning from the Past." Written as part of a research project about the effectiveness of a five-town arts development program in Wisconsin 1966-69. Americans for the Arts published a version of it in 2009 as a Members' Monograph.

"Cultural Torchbearers of the Community: Local Arts Agencies - Then and Now," Americans for the Arts Monograph, December 2006, available through the AftA Online Bookstore.

Foreword to Grassroots Theater: A Search for Regional Arts in America, by Robert Gard, republished by University of Wisconsin Press, 1999.

"Corn and Conversation." Published in ArtsRag, December 1996-January 1997. An account of "The Corn Project" in Larimer County, pairing artists with other active community people to articulate a stronger sense of place in and near a fast-growing city.

"Easter/Earth Day." A meditation first printed in the Gunnison Country Times, April 2004.

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