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either published in publications not online,
or hard to find in online publications,
or not published at all yet (if ever)

"Dancing in the Streets Crested Butte Style," Crested Butte Magazine, Winter 2007-8. Making the case for "collective joy" in marginal times and places.

"Down on the Ground with the Anthropocene I,"  How do we deal with the fact that we are now running the planet?

Dragons in Paradise (Plus), Author's iintroduction to the Second Edition, and book cover.

"Making Way for Midas Mulligan: A paranoid vision of our mountain future." Published in the Mountain Gazette, May 2010.

"Mountain Football." An account of a legendary game in Upper Gunnison River valley, played by miners, cowboys and other large mammals.

"Review of The Nitt Peckerwood Papers." Originally published in Mountain Gazette, 1976. A highly suspicious review of a research book that would be very hard to find.

"Seventy Years of Power to the People." A history of the Gunnison County Electric Association. Originally published in the Gunnison Country Times, June 1999.

"What's the Colorado Idea?" Reflections on a month in Wisconsin, published in Colorado Central Magazine, December 2007 issue.

"Whose Water is it, anyway?" Crested Butte Magazine, Summer 2007. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison River and the two chambers of the western heart.

Resume of Written Work | George Home